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Moobli eI found Odell to be a great writer truly She has an airy atmospheric and journalistic tone to her prose while also imbuing her ideas with an impressive amount of supporting researchHowever this book doesn t know what it wants to be a guide for others or her personal journalingthesis on how the author lives her life The basis on which it was written at first is to demonstrate resisting a constant state of capitalist productivity so the idea presented here is for those of us who have drunk the Kool Aid from the Digital Detox movement realized that it has its own agenda making sure your time I found an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book at the library where I work so I was able to read this before the public gets to it this April None of the other librarians had taken it and I usually don tnd up reading ARCs but after looking at the cover a couple times I found myself genuinely intrigued As I finished the first chapter I knew that I was going to read the The Secret Art of Great Conversation entire thing I am personally in a state of constant love and hate as well as inspiration and anxiety in terms of my relationship to social media particularly Instagram and this book spoke volumes to me about a term that is curiously not found anywhere within these pages mindfulness Odell probably omitted that word intentionally as her goal in her personal and business life does not want to seduce readers into hot and trending terminology as we know mindfulness has become over the past few years Instead she clearlyxplains her goals with the book right away determined to tell us that How To Do Nothing Resisting The Attention Economy is not about convincing anyone to delete their social media accounts or to optimize their life via a mindset based on positivity or to learn how to focus on what it is you really want rather than caring about what others are telling you to want Nor is it a scathing critiue of the political andor libidinal Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam economy Rather what Odell is talking about in her book is this simply a contemporary understanding of time and space But instead of these terms becoming vague philosophical abstractions she roots the concepts of time and space in a sensible context that of the here and nowOdell does not hide behind a mask of non identity She talks about where she grew up in California her half Filipino identity despite never being to the Philippines herxperiences in the fast paced corporate world of Silicone Valley her boyfriend her father her friends her home life and hobbies bird watching her affinity for the art world and she uses all of her Digital Trust experiences to draw out a fascinating map of history geography and present socio political circumstance that surprisingly at least for the next few years will be able to speak toveryone that grew up with the proliferation of technology Taking this personal vantage point Odell traces back to the communes of the 1960s Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes explains what worked about them and what didn t prepare yourself for a brilliant deconstruction of social design versus social activism She goes back to Ancient Greece and reminds us of the cynic Diogenes who lived life of resistance among the very community he denounced She describes something that happened not too long ago in California the strike of longshoremen who were over worked by manual labor and the string of problems theyncountered and how they began to work to solve them How does this work into her title How To Do Nothing Well her argument is that and I agree sometimes when you do nothing you actually begin to pay attention to what s actually happening outside of yourself and conseuently begin to On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, engage with the world in a new nuanced and intentional way a way that understands context which can be horrifyingly forgotten in the virtual realm and a way that understands the self in relation toverything lse In a word doing nothing nables us to interact with the The Three Elizabeths environment intelligently Using herself as anxample she The Hate U Give explains her love for art via a review of her fascination with the art of David Hockney via her interpretations of Thoreau via her analysis of writers native to this land She comes up with the concept of bioregionalism an acknowledgement of the natural world that is understood as both specific to geography yet contingent on all other geographies within the worldYou will find much about thexpected or not topic of Building Vocabulary Skills exploitative algorithms of current internet platforms A topic always due for a reiteration Keep in mind that this information is coming from first hand accounts of someone who worked in the industry for a time Most importantly you will find much about a form of presence that is inherently organic andcological something I think humanity is dire need of as we go through an almost traumatic and actually traumatic for many loss of natural resources we inhabit a culture that privileges novelty and growth over the cyclical and regenerative Our very idea of productivity is premised on the idea of producing something new whereas we do not tend the idea of producing something new whereas we do not tend see maintenance and care as productive in the same wayThis book is a product of the 21st century and it by no means intends to bring you something innovative and new Odell s writing is a reiteration and underlining of stuff we have all heard before stuff that Odell writes with Sheet Metal Shop Practice enough attention intention and care that is becomes authentic Now hurry up and read the book before authenticity becomes the newest commodity Just kidding But read the book before it s too late Voluntate studio disciplina Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestWhile reading this book I kept thinking about this article I read once while crammed onto the packed and sweaty train In one of many social media influencer scandals a raw vegan lifestyle influencer was coming under fire because she was caughtating a meat dish while out at a restaurant with friends Needless to say it was the internet and people were MAD And yes you might say that the internet and people were MAD And yes you might say that had Cait and the Devil every right toat that meat it is her life But when you are manufacturing your ntire brand around the idea that ating meat is bad and raw vegan is better the message starts to ring a little false if you don t walk the walk or veg the veg You know what they say talk is cheap Her life was her brand and she went off brand and people felt dupedJenny Odell doesn t do anything so deceptive in her book HOW TO DO NOTHING but the message rings similarly false for a wide variety of reasons It isn t that I don t believe she isn t living her brand it s that her brand comes at a cost that is really not affordable for a very large number of peopleFirst a caveat on Goodreads this is shelved as self help and psychology it is neither This is a philosophical treatise on how the author feels that we can live in a better world by disengaging from the attention conomy and finding authentic meaningful "things to focus on instead of spending all our time on social media " to focus on instead of spending all our time on social media that to come It reads a lot like the lifestyle influencer s hot take on THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FCK another book that cherry picked its way into an argument and really annoyed me Maybe I just shouldn t be reading philosophy self helps The author is an artist and an art teacher at Stanford which she will mention several times One of the things she suggests focusing on instead of social media is art as well as nature There are many passages where she waxes on the transformative nature of art and the many museums she s had the pleasure of xploring in the Bay Area There is a sort of intellectual snobbery placed here in the subtext things like social media are reduced to shouting into the void and one can t help but feel like one is down in the stands while the author sneers from her the sky box in her high tower Oh the rabble one can t help but feel she is projecting with this mindset Mired in their Facebooks and. This thrilling critiue of the forces vying for our attention re defines what we think of as productivity shows us a new way to connect with our nvironment and reveals all that we’ve been too distracted to see about. How to Do Nothing

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Fort but with asy and sweet intermittent positive reinforcement Emotional funny shocking and most important frightening news flashes tweets burning hot latest news kitten and food porn And similar kind of as I heard a friend of a friend recently talk about There is pretty much capacity for getting lost in the social network dragnets controlled by ominous spiders and the desire to acuire some of those precious pretty products and to fear some of those gritty The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook evil immigrant communist terrorist leftist grows Again a huge real lifexperiment in how messed up brains get in as less time as possible Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 especially including VR AR and and realistic video game graphicsThis book has a philosophical approach than Digital Minimalism How to break up with your phonetc It s about digging deeper probably asking Hm who could benefit from this development of tailored filter bubbles and news brought to ach device Even people who know that newspapers TV news channels tc aren t really trustworthy tend to believe their personalized newsfeed I mean it comes from friends family and is related to hobbies and all such feel good stuff so it can t be that bad Except for turning one in a permanent passive La Vilaine Lulu easy to manipulate recipient of permanent mind spam thatats away lifetimeAs a solution the author presents bioregionalism less consumerism decentralization and the average suspects for a better world but as long as humans don t realize the grade and sophistication of media and news manipulation those noble ideas and ideals are chanceless against glittering glamorous gamification and shopaholism An untrained mind is not just like a monkey it is an Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica easy to trick one that OMG I need that product I didn tven know about now Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, eatsach shiny banana given by a stranger no matter how poisonous and filled with psychoactive indoctrination drugs it might be Now please go and click the banana like button under this objective and true review if you want yellow Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit enjoymentA wiki walk can be as refreshing to the mind as a walk through nature in this yuck ugh boo completely overrated real life outside books It s hard for me to reconcile that the fundamental things the author talks about in this book the attentionconomy its link to capitalism how we all need to slow down and think about what we re doing are all true and yet the tone is just so smug lecturing and talking down at the reader from the lofty heights of liberal academia as opposed to rooted in the real world where the reader is with the problem at hand To give you an idea of one of the sentences If we think about what it means to concentrate or pay attention at an individual level it implies alignment different parts of the mind and ven the body acting in concert and oriented towards the same thingWhy not just say Concentrating means the body and the mind working togetherThe whole book is like this very hard to get through meandering through the author s personal journey and a checklist of philosophers who are too much to take in at times It s a real shame because the message at its core is very good Collective self help for middle class leftist intelligentsia Has the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll with your loony hippie friend who is at once an overeducated cosocialist and a crackpot Zen mind hacker You have no idea why she loves birdwatching so much to her it s a proto spiritual On Moral Courage experience to you it seems superficially like playing Pok mon Go nor can you figure out how she affords to live on the Oakland Piedmont border without a full time job The slick meta takeaway is that the very act of reading this book is anxercise in the kind of deliberate anti productivity that Odell is urging Can t decide if this is 2 or 4 stars so I ll give it a 3 This was a strange meandering prone to tangents uirky book but I really Nanny by Chance enjoyed it I think a lot of people would feel that it was too meandering but as an audiobook I liked hearing Odell s thoughts on how the attentionconomy and hustle culture is affecting our lives full disclosure i literally only had one page left to read in this book but i left my backpack with it inside a chipotle anyways it still changed my life First I understand the negative reviews of this book The title is misleading as this is not at all a how to on unplugging or leaving social media for that maybe read Cal Newport s Digital Minimalism or Catherine Price s How to Break Up With Your Phone Instead it s a really well researched book on some abstract and sometimes seemingly soteric concepts the self attention bioregionalism what it means to refuseresist in Place And The Effects Of Late Stage Capitalism On All and the ffects of late stage capitalism on all the aboveThere is really no how to in this book and I don t think Odell s work here can be ven halfway summarized with buzzwords like mindfulness or digital detox or whatever The bulk of this book is about the things that we are unable to do when our attention is tied up in social media or the news cycle Yes at the most basic level social media and the news cycle take away our ability to reflect and think deeply about what s actually
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underneath the status updates headlines But beyond that it can rode our relationships with other people with time and with the John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles environment around us What parts of our identities get lost when we boil all of our ideas down to 280 character tweets that offend no one When we think of people as brands and corporations as people how does thatffect our ability to actually connect with others or ven with ourselvesOdell first asks us to rethink the idea of usefulness and to really challenge this tendency to think of time and attention as commodities something we ve mostly taken for granted in the gig conomy She uses an Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 example of an old growth redwood tree in Oakland that is useless for human consumption ironically it is its uselessness that saves it from being cut down for timber making it the only tree of its generation to survive Theyven call it Old Survivor Yes there are parts of the book that were near inaccessible Many of her descriptions of art Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders exhibits were difficult to grasp and her focus on bioregionalism was sometimes challenging to get through I imagine there are a lot of us who just don t see ourselves giving up our phones for a life of birdwatching or going to symphonies where a pianist plays nothing for three movements But I thought of those parts as stretching my limits of understanding this book was kind of a key to get me to try to pay attention to something different I did admittedly download the iNaturalist app after reading this bookWhat I appreciate about Odell s approach is that shearnestly considers race and class in the how and why of resisting the attention conomy When reading Digital Minimalism I found Newport had some stark blind spots he says little of race and class AND WOMEN WERE CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT FROM women were conspicuously absent from book In contrast Odell s references are wonderfully diverse yes she references Thoreau a lot but she also draws wisdom from Audre Lorde labor movements and nvironmental justice among many other things She provides historical context to all this as an antidote to social media s tendency to keep us forever anxious about the presentAlso while other books about the same topic tend to treat the hijacking of our attention and the tyranny of algorithms as foregone conclusions thereby making digital detoxing seem like a life or death situation Odell manages to avoid sensationalizing and instead invites us to another wayWhat had me screaming YAS UEEN at my Kindle was the stuff she had to say about the right to not Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, express oneself I am a writer but in the past two years I rather counterintuitively deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts my whole platform because I was so fcking tired of readingveryone s hot takes and of the pressure of hav. Ng Here Jenny Odell sends up a flare from the heart of Silicon Valley delivering an action plan to resist capitalist narratives of productivity and techno determinism and to become meaningfully connected in the proces.
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Their Pinterests like the opiates of the masses as she waters an artisinal fern Art and nature are wonderful but those are things that are not readily consumed by all and often reuire privilege to access and I think it s offensive to deduce that there are no meaningful conversations or discoveries occurring on the internet where discourse and art are shared freely Plus not Places of Performance everyone is going to get something out of nature and art and they will notnjoy it to the same degree The internet offers many opportunities to those who might otherwise have none and The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over even though social media is by no means a perfect democracy it has helped democratize information and resources and help others be seen who might not otherwise have been seen The author is a proponent of bioregionalism which I had to look up and is apparently according to the Oxford dictionary belief that human activity should be largely restricted to distinctcological and geographical regions Which again smacks of privilege because this is coming from someone who lives in the Bay Area and freely consumes the fresh produce natural parks abundant artworks and cultural diversity that thrives here But what if you live somewhere where there s a food desert in a low income region of a big city where getting fresh food let alone local food might be difficult or მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე even impossible What if you live in a climate with freuent poor weather conditions or where resources to better oneself are few Bioregionalism only really works in regions that thrive already regions in other words with privilege The author seems to place a very high premium on authenticity and uniuexperiences hence the nature and art She frowns on algorithms for being too comfortable and for preventing those outlier The Heart of Business experiences that may prove to be transformative thexample here is that Spotify gives her a chill mix but she finds Treasures of Darkness enjoyable songs from other genres on the radio She bemoans how Burning Man hasssentially become a glamping corporate retreat and yearns for those rustic days of illicit bonfires and bare bones Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) exchanges of gifts and resources But this too is a sort of privilege it implies that one has the time and resources to risk a purchase orxperience that isn t familiar comfortable or safe Not Menopause and the Mind everyone can afford such a luxury and while algorithms have their problems I m thinking of that article that showed how watching right wing videos on YouTube gradually takes you down a rabbit hole ofxtremism that results in racist fascist rhetoric they are not completely Software (The Body Electric Book 4) evil I actually found this author s book through Goodreads s recommendation algorithm it was suggested reading for Marie Kondo s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which is hilarious because that is another book that also fails to check its own privilege and probably appeals to the same demographic as this one To her credit the author does make a last ditchffort in the conclusion to say that she understands that nature and art are not readily accessible Internet Marketing Essentials everywhere and that one should not finish this book leaving with just one conclusion So it s clear she does have some degree of self awareness when it comes to the accessibility of her message But when thentire book is built on condemning Internet Marketing Revealed everything that makes social mediaasy and addictive and building up luxuries as necessities it s hard to swallow that message and not grimace At the Email Advertising Crash Course end of the day social media is like medicine or a tool something that can be abused and become dangerous in the wrong hands but that serves a purpose and isssential for carrying out certain functions or making things run well I recently received a digital detox workbook which I Curse of the Black Widow ended up discarding because I found it too frustrating With the work that I do I can t afford to just step away frommail for the day With Black Lives Matter happening right now there s been a lot of controversy about creators influencers and social media presences who have chosen to step away from social media rather than get involved And I get that refusing to get involved in protests against civil rights violations is a VERY different matter from turning off Spotify or not using Sećanja email for the day but both scenarios carry with the the same basic fundamentallements of privilege the only people who can afford to step away From The Conversations Are The the conversations are the who already know that they won t be negatively impacted by the outcome Black individuals can t step away from the Black Lives Matter movement They don t get to block and curate their way to a safe space where the unpleasant discourse goes away Black Lives Matter is their reality their conversation and it s one that they are fighting to change Similarly people who don T HAVE LAND LINES OR WHO have land lines or who not live near a library and rely on Facebook and the web for their important day to day communications and ssential information can t afford to go dark for their own mental health and the transformative xperiences that await them in the wilderness or the financial or artisinal districts of their nearest cities might be too far to drive to Those living in rural or low income places devoid of natural or physical resources can t step away from the conversation that keeps Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies everything runningThere s a chart in psychology called Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs that basically states that you can t really focus on self actualization until all of your basic needs are met This book would have you skip right to the top and while it s nice if you re at that point and things are working so well for you a lot of people aren t at that place and some of them never will be HOW TO DO NOTHING is a book that only appeals to a very niche demographic and it appeals to a demographic with a very specific range of hobbies and interests which might not be shared by all I found it incredibly frustrating and irritating by turns and only finished out of a sense of stunned awe I m sure this author is not advocating a total cessation of social media and maybe if she had framed her points better and focused on points that were relatable this would have been a much better book But in the beginning she issues a caveatssentially saying that this book wouldn t be linear and doesn t take you to any specific conclusion and that she changes her mind several times paraphrased Which okay That sounds like a cop out to me and if you re not sure what the message is of the conversation that you d rather we d have instead why should we bother to listenOf course this is my reading of this book and your own opinion may vary drastically from mine I write this as someone who loves art and culture Natural Stone in the Built Environment eats locally and tries tonjoy nature whenever she can but also as someone who understands that it is my privilege that Internet Marketing for Smart People enables me tonjoy these things I also write this as a blogger and creator who heavily relies on social media to do my work and has perfected the art of shouting into the void to achieve meaningful discourse I can see why HOW TO DO NOTHING appeals to so many but I also completely sympathize with Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) every negative review where the writer found the book too pretentious or too privileged to relate toFor many it will be1 star A thoughtful steadying book about the importance of doing nothing in a capitalist culture that alwaysncourages productivity So how could it happen that Tales From Underwood even not within a generation all humans have been transformed into smombies and what happens when someone stops getting permanent outer input and listening to all inner voices and solilouies Cleaning silence awareness forach moment or ta da mindfulnessOne must imagine what the After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, extremely slight context to other topics of all this information dump does to brain logic and mind The focus that originates from reading a book working writing thinkingtc doesn t come in these cases at the cost of real Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning ef. Our selves and our worldWhen the technologies we usevery day collapse our xperiences into 247 availability platforms for personal branding and products to be monetized nothing can be uite so radical as doing nothi. ,