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A Cargo Pilots Life Tails from Corrosion CornerAccount written by a for pilots Any aviator who Has Fought To Keep Bread On The While Building fought to keep bread on the table while building career will immediately connect with this book DocmtlGreAt reading taking the glamour off aPilot s life and expose the bare and most interesting side of aviation Thumbs p for general readers in general and aviation geeks in particular Great insightGripping from the start Insightful to what a person could and probably would have to go thru ro become a pilot A very enjoyable read from start ro finish Enjoyable read What I loved about this is to hear the voice of an ordinary person who wanted to become a pilot If I were to sum it p in one line DOWN TO EARTHIf you like flying and perhaps have a crew member in the family get this book as a present Every PilotNavigatorFlight Engineer will find something in here which will remind find something in here which will remind or her of how things were and sed to beIn those days Pilots truly FLEW ye plane No fancy auto. Took I flew cargo from the 1980's to the present time From older planes and pilots The other side of aviation you never here about A very interesting read Kind of a Miami based civilian version of Air America Note to publisher of a Miami based civilian version of Air America Note to publisher needs another proof read for minor errors Great Book I would have loved to find out why he was divorced but that also no of the readers business Overall a good book and great insight into cargo flying Great book Great book Loaded with the stories and details of a cargo pilots

*life from beginning *
from beginning end All the good bad and the gly Really enjoyed this book Well written Literally Fighting for your LifeA great story of a young man struggling to build a career in one of the toughest environments in commercial aviation He works for many companies Many of them demonstrate a flagrant disregard of the rules and consistently push pilots to take risks and violate standard procedures He suffers poorly maintained aircraft corrupt managements layoffs and company bankruptcies This is an authentic. This is a story how I got into aviation as a pilot and the direction my career path.

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Pilots no GPS no way points no nothing Just HARD EARNED SKILLTHIS BOOK REMINDS IN BOOK REMINDS IN LITTLE hard earned SKILLThis book reminds in a little my all time favorite by Ernst K Gann titled FATE IS THE HUNTER Folks fellow readers if you have not read that book by golly you are truly missing something I am sure Brett will agree with me try to get it in paperback if possTo Brett I say Well done I this reader is proud of you Not long to retirement now and hopefully corrosion corner will be a memory you can smile at Great readAs a retired airline Captain I enjoy reading about the piston era DC3467 along with the C46 and ConstellationsDescribed in detail the problems of cost cutting poor maintenance and in some cases poor pilotingCorrosion corner was a well written book Well written and consistently interesting Well written easy read with entertaining stories mixed in Not much on the technical side just enough to inform the reader Very interesting time in aviation history thoug. Hat are no longer around to the modern cargo jets p to today's Boeing 747 jumbo jet.