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Never expect was real Instead of taking the cure to stop her from becoming a werewolf she embraces the werewolf inside her so that she can help protect her family instead of being protected by someone else Kael is sexy but that s beside the point he s hard to get along with "and he loves to be a smart ass and talks back to people He s mostly a loner "he loves to be a smart ass and talks back to people He s mostly a loner does stay around his pack not leaving Despite his bad personalty he does protect Alex and sometimes he s nice to her but other times he pushes Her Away As For The away As for the characters they all do their parts well I love each of the side characters though I do fine Eli strange because he s describe as oung but acts much older which I find so interestingThere is no romance in this book but ou did see some chemistry between Alex and Kael You see how they love to annoy each other and how they love to get under each others skin I just hope they get together in the next book and actually have some kissing scenes that is if they can stop annoying each other long enough to get that far heheThe plot for this story is interesting and Alex is the center around the whole story What makes this different from most werewolf Books Is That There is that there also lycans in this novel lycans and Werewolves aren t the same the difference is that lycans can t harm humans and they can t turn people into Werewolves Werewolves can harm humans and can turn humans into Werewolves The reason for this is that there was a curse put onto Lycans so that they couldn t hurt humans no The werewolves were created by by a lycan which ou will learn about in the book I do love this series and I m excited to read the next book which is coming out in the spring I do suggest for everyone to pick this book up when ou have the chance it s only99cents on even though it had uite a few typos i love the story can t wait till the second on comes out id love to find out what becomes of the lycans and where lora s gon. One that only she can breakAn Impossible ChoiceBreaking the pact means igniting war Refusing to break it may mean losing the most important person in her lifeWhen the moment comes on whose side will Alex stand And how much will she be willing to sacrifi. Re reading so uickly ou almost don t notice a word is missing here or there This is a good book good price and a uick very enjoyable read that still has me thinking about it days later desperately wishing Icould find a time schedule for the next one I really really liked this book and want to know when the "seuel will be out dying to know what happens next This was amazing One of the best books I "will be out dying to know what happens next This was amazing One of the best books I ever read Reckless Alex was a very lovable protagonist and Moody Kael was charming in his own special way It wasn t cheesy at all and I loved the hot one moment cold the next Kael a lot I loved their arguments especially because they had actually started to enjoy it At places it was funny and at other places it was jaw dropping The story was great and thoughtful but what I rea Is it lame to review Ngôi nhà xưa your own book Oh well I never claimed I wasn t lame Anyway I ve read this book about five hundred bajillion times and I still love it so I think that means it deserves five stars But I might be biased Check it out and see whatou think 4 stars Descendant was an easy read fast paced and entertaining The charcters were well developed and the plot was captivating I could tell from the preveiw that I would like this book The book starts off with Alex traggically loseing her father And while mourn I was really surprised by this book despite the book not having any romance in it at all it was really good I stayed up late to finish the book and didn t get to sleep till 4 in the morning that s how much I was into this book I just hope that the second book will be just as good as the firstThe characters are great I Don T See Any Flaw With Them Alex Our Main t see any flaw with them Alex our main is such a strong character she doesn t let anything bother her She s strong and knows how to deal with things on her own not wanting to except help unless she really needs too She would do anything for her sister and mother and that means to become something she. Or his own good He also has secrets and a dark past that could turn her whole world upside downAn Ancient Blood PactThe only thing keeping the human population safe from the shifters and lycans is the pact The pact that Alex's grandfather initiated The.

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DNF at 57%I tried I stopped three times and two times I picked the kindle back up and carried on determined to not let another book beat me Alas I finally gave up and I m sending this to the unfinished Book Graveyard Felt Just A Little Too graveyard Felt just a little too and I just got bored There wasn t anything really new or shiny about it and I guess it s just not for me I wouldn t say there was anything terrible about the book It was just a little bland An enjoyable uick read I would say i can t wait to read book 2 but there isn t "ONE THERE IS NO NEWS OF THE SERIES NOR "There is no news of the series nor the author Rumor has it that sadly Miss Truesdale has passed away Rate 43 stars Eva Truesdale has great writing style It was hard for me to put Descendant down because I had to know what was going to happen next The story was great even though Alex was a little immature but she s only 16 so I really can t complain I will definitely read but I would love to see something between Kael and Alex This was really good And free so it s a double win Descendant was a classic paranormal romance but I found the romance really sweet and I look forward to and the characters were refreshing and funny There were also some serious factors to this book that made me want to finish it in one session not to mention the dramatic ending I ll definitely continue the series Have I mentioned how I love the romance Because I do Thanks to the author and kindle for the free book and I look forward to continuing this new series I love all books paranormal but I m usually skeptical of new vampire or werewolf books because they are becoming overdone Descendant rocks though The dialogue was natural and awesome the girl didn t allow herself to become some love sick robot over the boy and the plot was somewhat uniue The characters are well crafted and believable so by the end our really rooting for them There were several typos but not nearly as distracting as others I ve seen You. A Deadly EncounterA vicious werewolf attack leaves Alex infected confused and suddenly surrounded by strangers who all claim they want to help her All she has to do is decide who to trustA Dangerous BoyKael is infuriating Arrogant And entirely too hot .

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