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Wow WOOOOOOOOW Get ready for this spoiler kinda free review Press Start to Begin HOLY FRIGGEN FRIG I read Holly Jennings first book Arena while back since Shackletons Journey a friend had recommended it to me I was looking for something similar to Ready Player One by Ernest Clinend I was pointed in the Arena direction I must Clue by Clue admit it wasn t the book I was expecting Probably because I was expecting Ready Player Onend that s mainly my brains fault Once I heard Gauntlet was on it s way I was promised Enticed By You (by You, a different take on the series I didn t fully enjoy the first book due to the lack of gameplaynd the main focus of relationship building After skimming through Arena uickly before I started Gauntlet I was ready Just kidding I wasn t ready for this Ngôi nhà xưa amazing book Halp Can t breathe ANYWAY This book delivered everything everyone hadsked for The relationship building was still there but it wasn t the main focus I did enjoy the romance Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion and the team building bit because it relied on the tournament I loved that because Adam and the Ants a lot of the situations the characters were dealing with I could relate to most of them SPOILER A lot of the charactersre forced to face their biggest fears Their mental struggles were Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors all putgainst them Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) and how they overcamell those obstacles was inspiring You see Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories a lot of characters begin to open upnd show Blind Sided another side of them I was really happy to get involved with the other teammatesnd even the other teams in the competition It made the world become in depth IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) and by the end of it I felt like I couldn t read fast enough to find out what happened next The end game waswesome too Holly s writing Moobli and herbility to make the fight scenes the wounds characters gain the game itself feel like it s The Secret Art of Great Conversation alivend like you re Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam actually there END SPOILER I ve never seenn Digital Trust author fully transform book series this well She took the feedback Arena received Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes and resolved lot of the complaints with Gauntlet My one complaint was the HUGE slap in the face cliff hanger But in On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, a way WELL DONE HOLLY You made mengry in the sense I have to wait for the next part of the series I find when uthors have grasped my ttention like that they ve done The Three Elizabeths an impeccable job Ibsolutely love story telling The Hate U Give and crave good one Gauntlet provided Building Vocabulary Skills and it s perfect for every gamer out there If you re not gamer you still might enjoy the book if you like the Sci Fi genres but gamers will definitely love it I recommend this book 100% Sheet Metal Shop Practice and I wouldlso say read Arena It will build this book s emotion up waaaay 5 Stars 3Love Grimm Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasySexual content Non explicit sex sceneGAUNTLET is Cait and the Devil allbout seeking balance in life nd in virtual reality After exposing the corruption within the Virtual Gaming League Kali Ling has Biggles In The Antarctic a placed target on her back It turns out that owning An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters a team is expensive demandingnd The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook a lot responsibility than expected In GAUNTLET Kali learns there s huge difference in being Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 a playernd being n owner She now has to worry bout the image of her teammates La Vilaine Lulu and the narrative that the media createsbout them When Team Defiance is invited to participate with new Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica artificial intelligence gaming system they can t turn down the shott winning the grand prizeThe novel takes place in the future but the themes of Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, addictionnd cyberbullying Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit are still very relevant Kali Ling is still struggling with herddiction from the first novel There s no easy fixes Her Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, addiction islways there just one bad night On Moral Courage away Sheims for calm Nanny by Chance and serenity but sometimes it s easier to just throw phone Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand against the wall The booklso ddresses the toll of being female public figure Whether it s being John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles a gamer celebrity or n thlete women Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 are held to higher standard When gossip Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders and rumoursbout Team Defiance start it s not Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards a surprise that they impact the female members of the team harder than othersTherere no pained silences in this book All characters re uick to share their feelings It s refreshing but can drag "down the ction You just want the character to get back into the rena Even though it "the ction You just want the character to get back into the The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over arena Even though it clear that in game warfare has no real world repercussions the fightsre well written მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე and suspenseful Reading GAUNTLET is lot like getting lost in The Heart of Business a video game It s engrossing enough to make up forny problems Even if you re Treasures of Darkness a casual gamer the pop culture referencesre easy to pick up For non gamers Holly Jennings is uick to explain Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) any important lore While there isn obvious comparison to the Hunger Games series GAUNTLET is Menopause and the Mind a fun read that stands on its own This was EPICAhh I m so satisfieds Software (The Body Electric Book 4) a fan right now I m huge fan of Jennings debut ARENA which I thought was so exciting Internet Marketing Essentials and introduced me to one of my favourite heroines the marvellousnd badass Kali Ling So I had the usual worries I have before starting ny Sort Of Follow Up of follow up one of my favourite books would it be s good I shouldn t have worried because this book is freaking Email Advertising Crash Course awesome It sn intense Curse of the Black Widow and thoughtful thrill ride filled with great writing function scenes Sećanja and heaps of heart One of my favourite thingsbout this book was the gameplay I love the fight scenes in ARENA but I m glad this one shakes things up The games A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah are now capture the flag battles set in cyberpunk style futuristic city WHICH WAS SO COOL Jennings writing is incredibly cinematic Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies and I totally loved being immersed in this incr 35 of 5 starst The BiblioSanctum ready because it s time to enter the rena gain Gauntlet is everything reader dreams of in seuel bigger world higher stakes nd even dangerous nd violent challenges I had really good time with the first book but t the same time I was lso curious to see how this follow up would build on its potential nd whether or not it would improve on few of the weaknessesuite lot has happened since the end of Arena With her RAGE tournament winnings nd money she made from her new found fame our protagonist Kali Ling has returned to buy out Defiance becoming the captain nd owner of her gaming team When the story begins Kali is troubled by new development that has been sweeping the virtual gaming world house Though in truth this house is of colossal mansion Nicknamed The Wall it sits nestled on sprawling estate sealed way from the public For weeks rumors have been flying round that the best gaming teams from round the world have been invited inside but no one
what goes on during these Wild parties Drugs Not knowing is driving Kali crazy nd yet she can t help but keep up with the coverage to see which gaming superstars will show up t the mansion nextLittle did she expect however that soon her own team would be getting their chance to visit The Wall The elusive owner of the mansion turns out to be the CEO of Tamachi Industries tech giant which has developed new kind of gaming pod which if effective could change the face of virtual gaming forever Now the company is on the cusp of revealing their product to the world nd they re planning to do it with style by organizing huge tournament where the best teams from round the globe will be competing for prestige nd the grand prize in the form of nine figure check Like ll the others before them Defiance has been sked to meet with Mr Tamachi t Plug back into the dangerous world of virtual gaming in the next thrilling novel from the uthor of Arena Kali Ling isn’t fraid of dying She’s been killed hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways And she knows there re things much terrifying than death There’s new game in town A brutal winner takes ll international video game tournament be. Is mansion so he can extend n invitation to join his tournament Would Kali wish to ccept Well I think we ll know the nswer to thatTo start there were some nice improvements over the first book nd probably the biggest one is the characterization of Kali herself She is noticeably mature in Gauntlet having taken over the responsibilities of being Defiance s owner In the ftermath of her recovery with drug ddiction she has lso made it her personal mission to keep herself nd the team clean happy nd healthy even if it means she has to play the mother hen once in while Still on the whole I enjoyed seeing these changes to her personality because they made her much likeable protagonist No longer is she the ngry nd impetuous teenager she was in Arena now her thought processes have shifted towards being level headed nd rational s well s much less self centered As bonus for ll the scenes we get to watch Defiance kicking ss in game we lso get to spend plenty of time outside the virtual world watching them grow closer s team nd family These were ll changes that pleased meThat said this book still has strong Young Adult vibes ttached to it which if you did not enjoy in Arena chances re you will lso find this seuel problematic Again the logic behind the premise is little shaky nd may reuire bit of stretch in imagination There s lso romantic side plot that takes up lot of the focus nd I felt that many of the story s conflicts re inflated when they re ctually very trivial or easily solved In ddition we did not see n expansion in the scope of storytelling everything is still seen through the limited sphere of the gaming world behind Kali s eyes nd s much s she has matured this bubble is pparently still ll she knows Gaming is like the only thing that exists to her ie in her mind the only news worth following is gaming news no one else in the world has ny interests besides following virtual gaming tournaments nd their players gamers re the gods of the human race etc On character level it made her feel somewhat shallow nd on world building level it lso meant less of what I d hoped to see in this seuelStill the story was loads of fun Just like Arena the plot was bit simplistic nd predictable but it lso had lot ction nd grit If you enjoyed the feverish frenzied tone of the RAGE tournaments in the first book then I guarantee you ll love how Holly Jennings has stepped up her game no pun intended in Gauntlet And if you re gamer you ll probably get even out of the book s tmosphere nd references to games nd gamer cultureOverall I was very satisfied with this seuel While few of the stumbling blocks from the first book have carried over in general I felt there were many reas which have been improved Gauntlet once gain fits my perfect definition of pure entertainment dynamic fast paced nd gripping I sure hope we ll be seeing of Kali nd Defiance because it would be so cruel of Holly Jennings to leave us hanging with that ending I can t wait to catch up with the team gain in the pages of the next book My review cross posted from Wit nd Sin falling in love with Holly Jennings s intense exciting world of virtual gaming in Arena I had extremely high hopes for its seuel Gauntlet was everything I d hoped for nd It s imaginative ddictive nd tense You never know what will be thrown t Kali nd her team next nd that s just the way I like itKali Ling the youngest team owner in the history of virtual games is out to change the world of gaming In world where gamers re celebrities their images managed their moves dictated nd their ddictions covered up Kali is determined to have team that s clean honest nd the players can be exactly who they re But being "manager is hell of lot harder than being captain Kali s drowning "is hell of lot harder than being captain Kali s drowning to be manager player nd friend nd that s without the dded problem that her ctions have pissed off the Virtual Gaming League Even with ll that on her shoulders Kali has nother new challenge her team has been invited to play in new ll star tournament But this game is unlike ny nyone has ever seen It learns it dapts nd it will push Kali nd her teammates to their very limits both physically nd psychologicallyLike Arena Gauntlet is suspenseful engaging nd just plain cool The dded twist of the new game that learns nd dapts plus few other elements I can t reveal without spoiling the story upped the nte The obstacles facing Kali Rooke Hannah Lily nd Derek forces them to grow nd I loved watching them develop s characters nd come together even closer s team While Kali is the heart nd soul of the book I cared bout each member of team Defiance nd loved seeing of their true selves come outCompelling characters side I loved the new challenges thrown Kali both in the game nd outside of it I enjoy not knowing what s coming next loved facing each new challenge longside Kali Her frustration pain nd determination were palpable nd had me reading late into the night wanting to see what she would do next I hated having to put Gauntlet down nd my only complaint is that the end of the book left me on the edge of my seat eager to see what happens nextIt s difficult to write bout Gauntlet without revealing things that would spoil the story The fun is in not knowing what obstacles Defiance faces nd what internal would spoil the story The fun is in not knowing what obstacles Defiance faces nd what internal external challenges they will have to overcome I m not gamer but I loved ll the detail Ms Jennings has put into her elaborate world of virtual gaming The Arena series is vivid nd wonderfully entertaining I can t wait to see where Ms Jennings takes Defiance next FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for n honest review This does not ffect my opinion of the book or the content of my review I ve never really been into gaming so what possessed me to want to read Gauntlet I have no clue Okay I do know the blurb Dangerous world Winner takes ll Female captain nd youngest team owner Things much terrifying than death Yeah that nd lots grabbed my ttention I needed break from ll the romance I ve been reading lately nd even though I haven t read the first book in the Arena series this book by Holly Jennings looked to fill the billWow just WOW Gauntlet blew me way nd once I started reading I couldn t put it down Kali Ling is strong nd incredible s both team owner nd player The uthor really managed to capture ll her strengths nd flaws s she worked through the problems she faced Not just Kali but ll the characters They start together struggle stumble then co Gauntlet is the second book of the Arena series by Holly Jennings In the first book Arena we met Kali Ling who had chieved her lifelong dream of becoming professional gamer in the Virtual Gaming League s RAGE tournaments The league has the best players in the world competing weekly in virtual reality tournaments the weapons re digital but the pain weekly in virtual reality tournaments the weapons re digital but the pain real for the players They eat sleep nd breathe their training nd workouts However the players lso lived the rock star lifestyle with partying nd drugs nd it cost the life of one of Kali s teammates Now in Gauntlet Kali is still overcoming her teammates death. Tween the world’s most elite players promising fame prestige nd unbelievable fortune But there’s catch The game uses new VR pods guaranteed to push digital warriors to their physical nd psychological brink dapting every time gamer makes move As the first female captain nd youngest team owner in VGL history Kali is used to defying the odds But. And she has taken control of her life nd her virtual gamer teammates by becoming the team owner nd hopefully cleaning up the drugs nd partying The Source PublisherGenre Science FictionRating 40My ThoughtsGauntlet is the second installment in uthor Holly Jennings Arena series Several months go Kali Ling s dream of becoming the first female captain to lead team to virtual glory came true Now she is on mission to erase the corruption I received copy of this title to read nd review for Wicked Reads 5 I couldn t put the book down StarsYoung Adult ge range 12 depending on the maturity of the reader Virtual reality game violence Mild cussing Kissing Fade to black sexual situations Addiction After reading Arena bout year go I feared being lost t the start of Gauntlet but the two books flowed together seamlessly with no confusion to be had Without giving way spoilers what thrill ride I was gripped the entire time feverishly clicking the pages to know what happened next At the end I wanted immediately Kali is strong role model Never have I seen second novel in series so completely outdo the first in nearly every way I ll be honest here I probably wouldn t have picked up Gauntlet by Holly Jennings if the publisher hadn t sent me digital copy I found Arena the first book in the series disappointing I could see the potential within the novel nd desperately wanted to love it but found it fell short of the mark I was hesitant to start reading GauntletIt is immediately obvious that uthor has grown s writer Gauntlet is n exciting suspenseful near future sci fi that will have you rooting for Kali nd Team Defiance ll the way I m eagerly waiting the next book in the series Because dear lord people that cliffhangerNearly ll of my gripes with the first book re ddressed nd fixed in this one Not ll of them maybe There were one or two things which still bothered me bit nd one was most definitely mentioned in my review of the previous bookWhile the first book follows Kali s she struggles with overcoming ddiction the sudden death of her boyfriend nd teammate nd winning the RAGE tournament this one takes bit of different turn Kali is now owner of her own team Defiance which she is still cting captain of Now Kali has new problems how to pay her teammates nd employees how to please the sponsors how to deal with teammates relapse ll while staying true to her beliefs nd ttempts to clean up the pro gaming circuit On top of that there s new type of immersion pod directed by n dvanced AI instead of real people t real terminals nd new surprise tournament the inventors re hosting Team Defiance will now have to compete gainst the best teams in the world including Kali s role modelThe stakes feel much higher in this book The scope moves from solely on Kali nd her own very personal struggles to the team t large nd how her ctions ffect her friends nd the gaming community t large The stakes re higher There s lot on the line than Kali s health or dignity or even the success of the team within the tournament There re very real enemies Kali must fight But these ren t the sort of villains we have in say high fantasy There is no Sauron to destroy here Instead we have press intent on destroying their reputation corrupt tournament officials who would rather see Kali nd her principles out of the league than change their own morals nd standards nd n AI that seems to be somehow targeting Team Defiance Things that have no visible beginning or end Things that can t be fought the way that Kali nd her team fight their enemies while in gameSomething that bothered me bout the first book was that it didn t feel s if the story was set uite s far in the future s it was There were very little indications that the world was much different than it is now Gauntlet felt much sci fi than Arena While not included in ny sort of overabundance it was obvious that Kali doesn t live in the world of today or even the next handful of years This helped make the world feel real like it really was forty years in the future where the dreams of today re finally being realized while still having some stubborn holdover tech from todayNow one of the biggest issues I had with the first book was the presentation of stubborn holdover tech from todayNow one of the biggest issues I had with the first book was the presentation of game itself Standard gaming features were missing There was no "Menu System Among Other "system mong other While there still doesn t seem to be ny way for the players to manually log themselves out of the game which sounds both terrifying nd potentially problematic some of these issues re ddressed with the new version of total immersion pods introduced here The handling of things by n AI not only makes the game interesting s viewer nd readers but takes out some of the inherent problems with using real flesh nd blood coders to create in game enemies nd scenarios in real time s Kali nd the others re plugged in s well I ve said it before nd I ll say it gain Programmers ren t gods They can t magic scenario nd enemies with few uick strokes of keyboard ll while monitoring the player s condition nd needs Using the AI cuts out the vast majority of these issues While it doesn t seem pparent that there is ny way to log out of the game short of dying the AI does improve the gameThe other characters were lso prevalent here In the last book the characters seen the most were Kali obviously since the series is from her point of view nd Rooke Here we get lot time with the rest of the team It s nice to see these characters developed bit None of them seemed s thin or one dimensional s they did in the first book Each of them struggles with their own demons They ll have pasts hobbies nd lives nd personalities outside of gaming nd Team Defiance Interpersonal relations suffer nd re reforged throughout the novel It isn t just Kali struggling this time Its ll of themDespite ll of this happening t once the pacing never suffers We see of the characters interact without the ction stopping ltogether to do so There is focus on Kali s teammates nd their struggles but we never stop to say switch points of view Everything is viewed through Kali s eyes both s friend nd s team owner She gets involved when she must either with shoulder to lean on s friend or s n owner when she has to put her foot down on matter It s thin line between friendship nd boss she straddles nd though it is pparent she doesn t know what she s doing she does it with fervor that is very dmirableI honestly didn t think I d say this but I really enjoyed Gauntlet by Holly Jennings It was fun There was palatable sense of suspense In game fights were uick brutal nd fun to read I m beyond ecstatic that so much of the potential I saw in the uthor s freelance editor was fully realized in this novel If you were just meh bout Arena pick up Gauntlet nd I promise you that you ll be pleasantly surprised If you like YA novels especially YA sci fi you should pick up this series If you don t like YA novels or don t like books with video game related plots this might not be the book for youThis review nd can be found on Looking Glass ReadsBook received from the publisher in exchange for n honest revie. As the ll star tournament heats up her determination begins to waver nd the pressures of media sponsors nd the game itself begin to put cracks in her hard set convictions If Kali’s Team Defiance is to survive they’ll have to find way to be stronger than ever before But battling the system may prove too difficult for even the most hardened of fighte.

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