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Dirty Work dIsefinitely gorgeous to the naked Eye And Makes It Easy makes it easy breeze through their combined craft without second their it easy breeze through their combined craft without second their It sometimes even brought me to gaze at some of their Hearts Farthings designs for their mere creativity such as the Wonder Niab While some might call it culture appropriation the context made it slightly appropriate and worth wondering how much Wonder Woman needs too to adapt to international conflicts if she wants to get her beliefs through The vibrant colours and the large panels which in fact aren t traditional suare panels also make it a lot easier to follow what s going on without being lost in the narrativeIt s not easy to indulge a Wonder Woman that believes that men should kneel to feminism if they want to see world peace but when you ve grown on an isolated island with only women and have not known any form of war it s The Mount Shasta Mission definitely easy to understand why Diana Prince is confident in her ways But what is to come in the next story arc will surely shed light on her understanding on Man s World and its focus on culturaliversity and Little Darlings differencesYours trulyLashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog While Iid enjoy this than I Greenwich did volume 1 this storyoesn t stand on its own It s all prologue for volume 3 which we won t get for another year I id like Morrison s take on Dr Psycho turning him into a cerebral character who is actually psychoanalyzing Wonder Woman and manipulating her instead of just a ude with psychic powers Morrison s obsession with the bondage aspect of William Moulton Marston s real life is still off putting and stran Wonder Woman Earth One is the worst comic book Grant Morrison s ever written no joke and I am a huge and hopeless fan of the guy The first volume was awful and the second one follows suit This entire series comes out of Morrison s affection for cheesy Golden Age comics coupled with an old man s understanding of modern society and issues such as feminism and gender euality The result is a fascinating train wreck and it s so clear that Morrison means well he just Your Name Here doesn t have aeep enough understanding of the issues he tries to cover and ends up writing a book that s offensive to pretty much every party involvedAnd I could at least partia I m reduced to cut and pasting a line from my earlier review for WW s Earth One Vol 1 for the follow up edition A Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, disappointment there was just too much weirdness and mood whiplashAbout the only good thing I can mention about Earth One Vol 2 is the colorful artwork by Mauette and Fairbairn There are lots of great looking panels and pages in the book such as a collage where WW is gracing magazine covers Too bad the jerkyisjointed story line just isn t on the same levelActually there was a scene that made me laugh Late in the story after Dr Psycho of course he s a villain with that name right has improperly influenced Wonder Woman s thoughts WW is speaking at an outdoor Women Power assembly in Washington DC After being introduced by a Gloria Steinem lookalike though she s not identified as such our title character launches into an unexpectedly harsh anarchic speech Two reaction shots Steinem looks shocked and a police officer performing crowd control glances around nervously while women cheer are priceless I feel like Kevin Sorbo yelling out stage True directions DISAPPOINTED Wonder Woman Earth One Volume 2 is your run of the mill Wonder Womansuperhero story a Nazi superwoman threatens Paradise Island Diana s mom gotta punch her Doctor Psycho s up to no good Diana s gotta punch him Hmm The story really is that generic and uninspired Amid all that blandness Grant Morrison continues setting out his submitting to love thing that Wonder Woman s creator was into way back in the 40s Fine but we saw all that in the first book She saves oppressed girls shows up some men she s the boringly unstoppable hero Maxwell Lord is introduced foreshadowing the conflict for the third and final book in the trilogy but that s by the by Yanick Pauette s art continues to be glorious and heefinitely A Fairly Honourable Defeat draws the best representation of Doctor Psycho I ve seen yet not sure why he looks like Nick Cave though I usually enjoy Grant Morrison s comics but heidn t bring anything special to the table with this one Love will save the world uh huh snore Wonder Woman Earth One Volume 2 proves that sometimes love isn t all you need What a Fucking Trans Women disappointment Iid not like the first volume of Wonder Woman Earth One so I can t really blame anyone for me not enjoying this one I figured it could not be as bad as the first one and in fairness it is not but it is close The story or lack of story is borin. Ts own way That is unless there are insidious forces at playContinuing the tradition of critically acclaimed EARTH ONE tales that challenge the status uo of the comics industry WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE VOL 2 is Grant Morrison’s latest genre rocking salvo With Slavery Reborn dynamic illustrations from theivine Yanick Pauette this original graphic novel is a classic in the making. Wonder Woman Earth One Volume 2Why o rate something that has not been released yet WHAT IN THE EVERLIVING FUCK DID I JUST READEdit Okay to expand What THE EVERLIVING FUCK DID I JUST READEdit Okay to expand What it that makes Wonder Woman Earth One so eeply objectionableThe supposed conceit of this trilogy is that it critically engages with Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston s ideas and reimagines them for the modern era This Life Leverage does not even happen in the slightestGrant Morrison s approach toeconstructing Golden Age Wonder Woman is to rip Marston s kookiest concepts Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? directly from their 1940s contextragging them from an era in which they were radical and progressive into one in which they are backward and out of step with current feminist Alhambra discourse and then to point smugly andeclare See It oesn t hold upI mean my gosh what a searing insight Grant You mean to say that it wouldn t be feasible or realistic to replace all world governments with a global matriarchyMorrison s not interested in understanding Marston and his writing in the context of their time and environment He oesn t look beyond the su This Morrison s Earth One ElseworldGolden Age Wonder Woman homage storyline is just not as good as Pauette s colourful and awesome artworks but It s still a funny read if you take it not too much seriously that Uber Fraulein pin up Oh good griefAnd a few provocative touches like the Wonder Burka and the hilarious Dr Psycho with Nick Cave s features were really good ones for me My thanks to NetGalley and DC EntertainmentDC Comics for an eARC copy of this to read and reviewI love Wonder Woman really love that character so I read this with high hopes They were Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World dashed Badly SPOILERS beyond this point1 Nazis as bad guys The entire book world has been SATURATED with the whole Nazis as the bad guys thing From now on unless the book is STELLAR I ameducting one star whenever the Big Bad is the Nazis Stop already we get it Nazis bad everyone against them good Move on 2 The artist can t The Infinite Air draw hands to save their life Wonder Woman has the WORST manold ladytalon hands and it is really off putting and hard to not see once it is noticed Ruined all of the rest of theecent art Everyone else has badly The Spill drawn hands too but hers were the worst 3 Also the Big Bad Dude was FUGLY Not sure how he was supposed to be this amazing woman seducer His mental powers weren t exactly wowing me And I m sorry but we are shown exactly ONE scene between the Big Bad Dude and Wonder Woman and we are supposed to believe that he was able to mentally get into her head with rather poor conversation in that one time So much so that when her friends were like He s a badude can control the mind of people specifically women she IGNORES her trusted friends and is all like you re WRONG about him No nope nope nope ity nope Not MY Wonder Woman She wouldn t have fallen for that poo in ONE conversation 4 Back to the beginning re Nazis attempting to invade the island paradise We are told towards the end of this that NO ONE has made it to the island and left again to tell anyone about it this is before WW leaves so HOW IN THE HECK is the German Frau Hitler Super Human saying to herself Ah yes as our intelligence indicated they speak Ancient Greek they should be able to understand me when I speak this If NO ONE left the island once they found it how is there ANY intelligence on this place and it s inhabitants 5 Also I just LOVE how this story and the art were all Pandoras Planet done by men and the view of the women only paradise and how theyealt with men is NOT what I would think would be a paradise thought of by womenThe s have these pinkpurple rays that they shoot at the men that at first cause pain but then seem to cause EXTREME pleasure AAAHHHs become OH YEEEESSSS Then the men are sent to Aphrodite via some sort of transporter where the men are given the pleasure that they crave Ew That is SO not what I think a female paradise is all about And of course all of the ian chicks are into one another Again not all females would think that is paradise Some would and power to them but not all So not a paradise for all women Sounds like a paradise for women thought up by a Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? dudeWhat happens to the Nazi chick She is forced to put on the Venus Girdle to bring her mind back to her female self which also has some sort of pleasure givingopamine 6 Oh and How To Win At Casino Gambling did you notice that I said the men were sent to Aphrodite but she is wearing a girdle named after VenusWHAT THE ABSOLUTE WHUT Aphrodite is Greek VENUS IS ROMAN WHY ARE YOU MIXING TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS Yes Aphrodite and Venus are the same concept of love goddess butifferent names from Training the Help (Hedon Falls different cultures andidn t we establish wi. The highly anticipated seuel to the #1 New York Times bestselling original graphic novel is here in WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE VOL 2 from the acclaimed creative team of Grant Morrison and Yanick PauetteFor years Diana of Paradise Island yearned to leave the only home she knew behind for adventures that laid beyond its shores Now after a fateful meeting with Air Force ,

Th the Frau Hitler that the warrioresses speak GREEK Oh yeah and id I mention the Wonder hajib It was ugly speak GREEK 7 Oh yeah and I mention the Wonder hajib It was ugly gaudy and not sure why WW would have worn it I get she was saving women in a Middle Eastern country where that is traditional ress but there is no WAY she was passing as a native in that get up So why wear it at all It seemed kind of rude to me but I am not from that area of the world so maybe it is ok They id get outside thoughts on the esign of It From A Woman No Less So They Did Try from a woman no less so they Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book did try be thoughtful but I think it missed the mark at least itid with me And her hands looked REALLY talon like in these scenes So An Eye for an Eye distracting 8 Also men versus women trope Men are fearful and want to maintain power women are easily fooled by a smooth talking man Can we PLEASE can the stereotypes This just perpetuates the man vs woman antagonism It s not helping and may very well be hurting any attempt to actually bring about healing and peace where there is already a LOT ofiscord Do we REALLY need another book of man vs woman I m Still Side by Side done with all of that Can t we just all get along How hard can that be Maybe the next volume shows world peace BUT since the end of this is leading into a war between the s and men America s military which is something else that irks me At least it s not the Nazis though so that s a plus Sort of I somehowoubt we re going to get to peace unless the s have a HUGE pinkpurple ray that they can engulf the world in I Oriori No Uta doubt it too easy a resolution So in short too late this particular graphic novel was rather horrendous to this particular reader YMMV but I will not be recommending it to anyone 1 very sad star You can find my review on my blog by clicking hereAfter what was certainly the mostisappointing story by Grant Morrison yet we finally return to the provocative retelling of Wonder Woman s origin story in this second volume of DC Comics Earth One graphic novel line up It s safe to say that the return of the same creative team to work on this second book of the trilogy is a reassuring thought as the sudden shift in artwork style wouldn t have played a positive role on what is already a controversial story arc for Diana Prince With the foundation of this story set in a Four Word Film Reviews discourse on feminism patriarchy and everything that shines bright in the news nowadays there sefinitely a mystery behind Morrison s Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes direction and where he wishes to bring this series in terms of story telling It s safe to say that Grant Morrison s take on the character is one that won t please the mass unanimously but itoes have the potential to trigger some much needed reflection on issues we blatantly Crystal Decoder discuss in our everyday lives todayFollowing the events in the first volume this graphic novel shows us Wonder Woman trying to change the world outside Paradise Island with her own vision of society melded through love and peace While slowly becoming an icon for women she also encounters severalifferent oppositions in various forms and notably the American government and it s men filled structure With threats that flourishes in their old ways in Man s World nothing Diana Prince wishes to accomplish is easy and everything comes at a price Putting behind his nonlinear story telling ways Grant Morrison looks to further You Owe Me One develop his clash of ideals through multiple perspectives while still keeping this retelling as shocking as possible Will voicing your ideas be enough to convince the world for change or will Wonder Woman need to reinforce her words with action to get thingsoneWhile this Earth One series hasn t been too successful in my books it is uite courageous of Grant Morrison to stay loyal to Wonder Woman s character roots and Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes deliver such a story for fans of the hero to indulge The second volume of this series continues to stay loyal to its predecessor but actually builds up an intrigue that relentlessly tries to keep you hooked even if itoesn t always connect with the reader The story still shoehorns a lot of social issues into play with transsexualism and terrorism being some examples of ideas being integrated and uestioned on a philosophical level While interesting they always felt like side Second Son (Jack Reacher, dishes forced onto the reader to gulp up uickly without ever having the time to savour them It was still fun to some extent to see how Wonder Womaneals with these issues that she has never seen on Paradise Island and how she strongly believes that they are inevitably the cause of menThe artwork is still pretty solid and continues to highlight Diana Prince s confidence and charisma through her posture and smile What Yanick Pauette and Nathan Fairbairn achieve. Ilot Steve Trevor the Warrior finds herself in Man’s World And she is ready for anything that it may throw at herBut is the world ready for Wonder Woman An American Government fraught with United States of Americana dissession and conflicts foreign to Diana haveeemed her a The Thermals of August danger to society How will Wonder Woman carry out her mission of peace and love in a world that can’t get out of

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