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Whither Thou Goest The Graham Saga #7

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Est with flowing pen flawless structure and sentences intriguing and engaging plot dimensional characters filled with emotion and authenticity and gorgeous imagery This is an excellent series worth the money so you should splurge on the entire set as you ll want to read this series from the startI was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review When I finished reading this book a couple of days later I sat down to go over my notes about this story Normally I do this after reading a book I have to write a review for It kind of gives me help in what direction I want to go with in my review By golly I really struggled with this one With the story you ask No not at all but with what I wanted to say in my review There is so much to cover and not enough words in my vocabulary to express my feelings for this story The Grahams you see have become a part of my life it seems At least that is how I feel I don t know what I m going to do when the series endsexcept read all the books over againThere are few series that I have really enjoyed or that have truly made an impact on my life As I read each book in the Graham Saga I come away with something new every time A new what Well let s see In this book Whither Thou Goest for example The Grahams show how strong the bonds of family loyalty can be and how that it can give s courage to face anything that life throws at Four Word Film Reviews us To preserver never givep in the face of the enemyOkay I can see I m rambling and I m not really sure this would be considered a review by any standardsthis story is something you just have to experience for yourself But I will try my best to give you a reviewI have often heard the Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes uestion and discussion what makes for a good Historical fiction read There is solid plot strong character development well written prose historical accuracy and so onthis story has all of those things and much I truly believe that Anna Belfrage is about the best writer of portraying the human condition I have ever come across I do not say that lightly Her character development is beyond brilliantIs that possible Well I certainly think so She also has a knack for drawing in the readers to the period and culture of the time So good in fact when you re reading her books you forget for a time that you actually live in the modern worldIf you haven t read this series I strongly recommend you pick itp as soon as you can Start with book oneand I know once you do you won t be able to hold off starting Crystal Decoder up the next book in the series Truly addictive profoundly and emotionally told You will never forget the GrahamsStephanie Moore Hopkins 35 stars and onto 8 LovedIntense story lots of emotion Anna Belfrage writes another great one Thanks for the each into another time Keep writing This is the seventh book in The Graham Saga It is a story of a time traveling woman It takes place in America at a time when there is muchpheaval and dysfunction Her family has been through many tragedies and still her love for her man never falters After being accused of being a witch or less Alex is than less inclined to help her asshole of a brother in law Nobody can blame her for that He has been the cause of much strife in Alex and Matthew s lives His son is punished for treason and sentenced to die on a
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Even though is no love loss between the brothers Alex and Matthew feel it is their duty owed their dead son who loved Lukes boy to go fetch him from Barbados Poor Alex is back on a ship and sicker than a dog yet again I must say that there is only one book to go in this saga and I will be sad to be finished This family has been a part of my life for You don t have to do this You don t owe Luke anything That brother of yours has cost you Dearly Years In Prison Further Years in prison further of slavery constant persecution back in Scotland Alex was right Matthew did not owe Luke anything But Jacob had been Charles friend and if he were alive then he would not hesitate to get on a ship and sail to Charles aid So it falls to Matthew Jacob s father to go in his son s place and rescue his nephew Alex is determined to go with her husband For whither her husband goest she too will goBut life as an indentured servant is cruel harsh and without humanity Time is most definitely not on Matthew s and Alex s side From the death of an enemy to the birth of a longed for child Whither Thou Goest The Graham Saga Book 7 by Anna Belfrage is an emotionally charged and powerful story that will instantly transport you back in time to the 17th CenturyOh how I love this series This saga sends tingles down my spine and each book is an absolute joy from start to finish I have to admit that every time I pick You Owe Me One up a book in The Graham Saga I cannot help but fear that the author is going to run out of momentum that the story is going to fall flat because to keepp this level of engagement to continue with a story that covers decades and two very different timelines is incredibly challenging But each time Belfrage nails it Each time she delivers Whither Thou Goest may well be my favourite book in The Graham Saga yetI have spoken at length about Alex and Matthew s portrayal in previous reviews and their relationship continues to fascinate in this novel The title of this book is very appropriate Ruth 116 is one of my favourite passages "In The Bible For It "the Bible for it of Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes unuenchable love andnuestionable loyalty It really does sum p Alex and Matthew they are two souls who no matter what befalls them will be forever joined It is a love larger than life potent than death even Their love is not fanciful it is not too good to be true it is very real in the telling very vivid With each book I fall and in love with them I want to come away from Alex and Matthew and have a look at a few of the secondary characters that help to make this story so very addictive I want to start with Samuel or White Bear as his Indian father knows him by Samuel is Alex and Matthew s thirteen year old son who went to live Xcuse of a man who deserves whatever nasty stuff fate throws at him Except as Matthew points out Luke is begging them to save his son – his misled Charlie one of the Monmouth rebels – and can Charlie Graham be held responsible for his father’s ill deeds So off they go on yet another adventure this time to the West Indies to find a young man neither of them knows but who faces imminent death on a sugar plantation condemned to slavery for treason The journey is hazardo. This must be a record for me reading three books in the same series within less than a year For several years I ve been following Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series but I don t often get through even two of the books in a year I dip in and out of them when I m in the mood This year I received copies of the Graham Saga novels as they were released in exchange for honest reviews I started reading and just kept going Whither Thou Goest by Anna Belfrage who Another winner from Anna Belfrage I adore this family saga On to book 8 ExcellentI enjoyed every minute of this book I like the way history is blended with the story Will be sorry when the series ends I feel very possessive of the characters in Anna s books by now since this is the seventh book in the series with their ite strength devotion loyalty love and most of all humor The humor and courage that Anna s main time slip character Alexandra Lind exudes over hundreds and hundreds of pages reminds me now of Anna and she ll either love or hate I said that but she s extremely strong and super funny herself I can t imagine not having Alex and Matthew in my life so I pleasantly United States of Americana urge Anna to soon enough make them immortal Hey it happens it could happenSince I am not the type of reviewer that regurgitates plots as I feel you should experience them for yourself and I never want to accidentally spoil anything what can I say in a review for a seventh book in the series Well speaking of plot and that it IS the seventh book I can tell you that no matter what adventures that Alex has been on since time slipping back in time from 2002 to the 17th Century where she meets her soul mate Matthew Graham Anna has twisted turned and intertwined plots in such a fashion while keeping characters and historical facts in check with not only grace but with flawless precision Also with less long winded sentences than the one I was just compelled to writeNo seriously she writes with a flowing ability filled with every ounce of love she s sueezed from herself and put onto the page I DO think that with each book I enjoyed her writing and felt it increasingly absorbing captivating and beautiful The details she presents with each location in time history or as in this book their travels yep back aboard a ship make me feel as if I ve time slipped myself and traveled back in time In this book Anna s personal experiences with Latin American culture shine through I felt as if I landed on a beach and was observing that section of the book while sipping mango juiceWith Anna s characters as by now Alex and Matthew are older and much of the plot surrounds their children or extended family she creates such distinct vivid and dimensional characters There are those we love and those we hate There are the normal issues for the time periods and locations in this seventh book they are in the Colony of Maryland and as a reader I feel the hardships as well as the love the heartbreak as well as the joys But also there are the ghosts of their past to deal with which keeps it extra interestingAnna does a tremendous job of balancing that all out within her novels but especially this one in particular And what I love most about Alex besides her humor is hernwavering desire to protect her children and make them happy Second most I love how she keeps it real you know when she is hurt and why and so does her family but I adore their respect for her and how they appreciate her The Thermals of August undying love and devotion In other words we feel her emotions are true and authentic and so her character is one that most readers can relate to easierAs for Matthew he does also shine in the novel as this book s plot takes him deep within himself to a place and time he probably wishes not to remember as he helps his brother and nephew at the peril and danger of himself and family But that s what he does isn t it Always helping others He does always somehow seem to find himself taking issues of the decade on with full speed It s his involvement that allows Anna to shows the social and religious Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller undercurrents of the times they are in I m curious what decision he is about to make at the end of this seventh novelah the suspenseAs for Matthew and Anna together what a match made and watching their relationship and lifenfold before my eyes is a pleasure That s why I like this title Whither Thou Goest as it truly is Alex s motto to Matthew After all where you go I go right said AlexOn a personal note I really enjoyed the story line in this book about Samuel or White Bear who is Alex s son that was adopted by a Native American tribe It was so touching and very well done I appreciated her portrayal of Native Americans It reminded me of a story in my own heritage when my ancestor was captured by the Native Americans during the American Revolution He lived with them for a year before escaping back to where I live now and setting p a homestead A story is told about meeting one of his fellow tribe members years later and it still being cordial I often wonder what it was like for him to live with them and how he felt later in life about the experience Somehow Anna channeled not only a mother s emotion of this to Alex but also she handled it well from all sides Samuel his adopted tribe and Matthew giving them all a voice in the matter that seemed realisticAnyway I digress Anna has many plot points to tie p in this novel new plots to digress Anna has many plot points to tie p in this novel new plots to forward old vendettas and issues to resolve as well as new ones to decipher and I am looking forward to seeing what her next and most likely final novel will hold in store She seamlessly writes each and every one in a way that you are engaged and moved along in the story without any hindrance or comment That s why I think as I reader I most feel as if I am walking in a new place myself removing myself FROM MY WORLD AS I KNOW IT AND ENTERING my world as I know it and entering a new adventure I do hope she continues on with the series though through the Graham children if I must be selfishAnna writes Whither Thou Go. Whither Thou Goest is the seventh book in Anna Belfrage’s series featuring time traveller Alexandra Lind and her seventeenth century husband Matthew GrahamIn their rural home in the Colony of Maryland Matthew and Alex Graham are still recovering from the awful events of the previous years when Luke Graham Matthew’s estranged brother asks them for a favour Alex has no problems whatsoever ignoring Luke’s sad plea for help In her opinion Matthew’s brother is an evil
Outback Survival Mortelle Adle, Tome 15: Funky Moumoute Satans Fall The Events at Poroth Farm Collected Stories The Hare Hypothesis
Ith the Indians for a year and now he does not know where he belongs He lives with aachow s tribe and he loves his Indian family dearly but at the same time he wants the comforts of his mother s arms I adored Samuel he is such a brave and compassionate young man and to be so conflicted really did pull at my heartstrings I thought his depiction was absolutely brilliant and I am looking forward to reading about him in the pcoming booksThe other character I want to talk about is Michael Connor Michael is a new character introduced into this story and he has the misfortune of being related to the Burleys who are the vilest creature ever to walk the earth However Michael is nothing like them in the sense that he knows right from wrong he recognises injustice and he is wise enough to read between the lines His act of heroism was in itself a reason for any reader to like him but he continued to surprise me throughout this book and he grew into a character that was the epitome of romance and chivalry He became a happy ending for a character that was in dire need of one I adored Michael His struggles to become a better man than his True Prosperity uncles and his determination to turn towards love instead of giving into hate made him all the heroicBelfrage first introduced her readers to the absolute horrors of slavery and indentured servitude in Like Chaff in the Wind The Graham Saga Book 2 but she has revisited the vile practice in this novel Through young Charles Graham we experience the brutal physical and psychological domination of a young man who so happened to be on Monmouth s side during the ill fated Rebellion of 1685 Charles a once proud young man is subjected tonimaginable suffering After witnessing his best friend suffer a traitor s death Charles finds himself on a ship sailing to the West Indies his sentence one of life as an indentured servant but that was only the beginning of his torturous journey Charles depiction brought tears to my eyes His plight is insufferable and Thing He Loves unlike Matthew who once found himself in the same desperate situation Charles sprit was broken before he even reached the plantation He isn t defiant He accepts the way life is with an almost resignednderstanding that this is where he will die He becomes a slave s slave His situation is heartbreaking Indentured servitude in history is always eclipsed by the brutality of the African slave trade but it was as cruel and many white men were sent to these far off places to die Hanging would have been merciful compared to the hell many of these men suffered Belfrage does not shy away from the abject misery and the appalling treatment that these men women and children faced on a daily basis Beating sexual abuse starvation a complete disregard for humanity Belfrage has captured it in prose in all of its Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital ugliness Belfrage also asks her readers to think about the morality in a historical setting of one person owning another human being The slave owners look at these people as stock they dehumanise them and seemingly delight in their misery Mr Sassafras Brown is the very essence of immorality and yet he puts on airs of civilisation and thinks himself better than thenfortunate beasts that are dying for him out in his fields of sugar He is a vile man who beasts that are dying for him out in his fields of sugar He is a vile man who not see that what he is doing is so fundamentally wrong Charles story is very humbling AND ONE THAT I WILL NEVER FORGETGRAHAM S GARDEN one that I will never forgetGraham s Garden Graham s homestead in the Colony of Maryland is a symbol of freedom and peace and despite not being immune to the evil inherent of humanity it remains a sanctuary of sorts for the Graham s clan It has become their home in all sense of the word not only for the Grahams but also strangely for me as well I have walked the floors of the homestead with the Grahams and their family I have celebrated in their successes and commiserate with their losses This book this setting is now so achingly familiar that I could almost imagine myself there that I lived and am living this life with them Not many authors can connect with their readers at such an emotional level but Belfrage canWhither Thou Goest The Graham Saga Book 7 by Anna Belfrage is a historical triumph I cannot praise this series enough It is absolutely superb and I cannot wait to get my hands on Book 8I Highly RecommendReview by Mary Anne YardeThe Coffee Pot Book Club Find this and other reviews at often talk about escaping into novels about stepping into the shoes of another and living a thousand different lives between the pages of their books It s an interesting concept and one I certainly subscribe to but it takes new meaning with each installment of The Graham Saga Where most authors capture a moment Anna Belfrage recreates a lifetime an intimate portrait that few of her peers can rival On the surface Wither Thou Goest is an adventure A Search Marketing Strategies uest that takes the Grahams from their comfortable colonial home to the turmoil of the West Indies It is a rescue mission complete with danger heartbreak and intrigue Pretty straightforward stuffntil one looks beneath the surface Behind the scenes every member of the family is struggling with personal demons the ripple effects of events seen in earlier installments of the series and while I love the drama created by Charlie s situation I found the emotional foundation of the book far captivatingSarah s plight was a challenge for me as were Ian s struggle with responsibility Matthew s private pain and Samuel s divided loyalties Alex s attempts to navigate the storm while managing her own conflicts represented yet another obstacle but the dynamic illustrated by the family s interactions created an engaging and intricately complex portrait of loyalty and honor and I love the inherent contrast it bore in comparison to Luke s branch of the Graham family as well as the BurleyConnor relations Beautifully written thought provoking and intense Whither Thou Goest lives No Capital Required up to its predecessors in every possible way A must read for any fan of historic fiction. Us and along the way Alex comes face to face with a most disturbing ghost from her previous life a man she would much have preferred never to have metTime is running out for Charlie Graham Matthew is haunted by reawakened memories of his days as an indentured servant and then there’s the eerie Mr Brown Charlie’s new owner who will do anything to keep his secrets safe anything at allWill Matthew deliver his nephew from imminent death And will they ever make it back home.