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Your Name Here hUture forim And is this even LGBT Do we know know the gender of Black Silver They are aliens after all and we only ave Benji "S PERCEPTION OF THEM AS MALE "perception of them as male knows It definitely made me curious I wonder ow long I can still justify not creating a tentacle shelf The end time True has come Weave been invaded by an alien species Benji can t behave A Fairly Honourable Defeat himself and gets involved with a stupid stunt Does it pay off Nada He ends up in a suare white room With 3 ummm tentacled personas that want to makeim their pet You Fucking Trans Women have 35 starsTENTACLES SEX TENTACLE SEX What could a girl ask forThis was such a fun little story It broke my tentacle sex V card thanks Lilia and it broke itard I liked the dub connon con aspect of it pretty light for those of you who are afraid of Slavery Reborn hard non con and I loved the world building Lilia write sci fi It suits you Basically this is a dystopian mm erotic story about a guy who is disciplined by some kinky BDSM y tentacle monsters It isn t a romance for those who are interested andas only the barest You Can Make Anything Sad hint of a possible relationship between the MC and one ofis captors In fact I think the most ten No review obviously but I did want to let people know that I ave once again done up a Pinterest Board for the book with some cool images of tentacles my dream casting choice for the ero Benji TuckerPictures of 1950s movie posters that inspired the cover design by Jared Rackler such as And even images of cool tentacle paraphernalia such as these gorgeous candlesticks that my family got me for X mas seriously the best gift everHere s the link for the board if anyone Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? has any uestions or comments about the story feel free to post them in the comment thread Hope you enjoy I liked this To say why is complicated I enjoyed being off balance with the character Not sure what wasappening but understanding the motivations of the various monsters I guess Benji s reaction to the different monsters was what kept me twisting and wondering ow they fit together as a wholeThe explanation at the end was interesting turned out to be a bit of a twist that I wasn t expecting Loved this one I liked the world building and the plot very much It was a very interesting set up and liked ow things weren t exactly what It was a very interesting set up and liked ow things weren t exactly what seemed to be The characters were interesting and well drawn and I liked ow each of them interacted with Benji in different ways I really liked Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World how much personality the tentaclesad and The Infinite Air how Benji was able to learn about them and from them andow much they learned from Benji A really different sort of tentacle story. Tentacle action including but not limited to tentacle spanking tentacle gagging and tentacle sex uite separately it also contains an adorable pink rainbow sparkle tentacle monster Those who dislike adorable pink rainbow sparkles or ot tentacle action should definitely not read this bo. Find all of my reviews at When it comes to monsterporn and its Place In The Reviewosphere in the reviewosphere ve come to the following conclusion I know all of you who follow me are thinking I fall on the prude side of the spectrum but be careful what you assume I mean ow else would this guy end up on my wall if I Pandoras Planet hadn t alreadyad a run in with a super scary tentacle creature Do you even need a synopsis Okay Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? here goes Benji lives in a dystopian kind of future where the population is separated by rank Whene makes a stupid mistake which could threaten the existence of life as we know it Benji finds How To Win At Casino Gambling himself sentenced to the worst punishment imagineable as a slave to the invadersBenji first meets a shy little pink monster whoe affectionately names Kitty Have no fear Kitty you are but a wee innocent little creature There will be none of the buttsex with youBut then Benji is confronted by the terrifying Black Black ties Training the Help (Hedon Falls him down beatsim and You called it Batman And Black likes to receive just as much as e likes to give if you know what I mean Drink that Slurm Fry BenjiFinally Benji is introduced to Silver the most frightening creature of all It is Silver s idea of a great time to torture Benji with extreme sexytimes No promisesCan It is Silver s idea of a great time to torture Benji with extreme sexytimes No promisesCan survive being a sex slave to the tentacle monsters Is there to is new life than just being a pleasure receptacle You ll ave to read in order to find outAlright there you go I read a monster put things in the no no zone story I don t even know ow to begin rating this I think for the real monster erotica fanbase this would score super low but for me You know what the worst part is The story was actually good It ad better world building and plot than most was actually good It ad better world building and plot than most the dystopian books I ve read I d love to see what the author comes up with sans tentacle peen so I m giving it a 3 Star Lilia write tentacles I love you LiliaStirling ententacled porn It s Golidlocks for the depraved Benji wakes up as the plaything of the friendly adorable tentacled monster the disciplinarian tentacled monster and the pain and An Eye for an Eye humilation giving tentacled monster And porridge protein carbohydrate cakeIncludes sounding a tiny bit of piss play jump tentacle my favorite childhood game breath play snuggles CBT and corporal punishmentDisclaimer Lilia is my GR friend and I think she s smart and awesome But I still wouldn tave given it four stars if I Still Side by Side hadn t really liked the story I seem to be stuck in tentaclelandia today and dub con Oh who am I kidding I m a freuent visitor to dub convilleFirst things first I thought Ms Ford accomplishe. It’s been than twelve years since the alien invasion wiped out much of theuman population and forced those who were left into Refugee Communes As far as Benji Tucker is concerned a life devoted to bare survival is boring as ell But when a stupid prank threatens to bring disaster D excellent world building in Just Seven Short Chapters Really seven short chapters Really Pet to the Tentacle Monsters is set in a post apocalyptic Earth There is a rating system in place and Benji rates a measly 1 on a scale of 10 Subseuent to a prank gone awry e s turned over to the tentacle monsters gasp He believes this will ultimately lead to Four Word Film Reviews his demiseThene is introduced to Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes his first monster Kitty Kitty is pink sparkly shy and playful Benji and Kitty become fast friends Black is the next on scene and my personal fave Black is a stern but fair dominating force who makes a fast impression on Benji Silver is the last and most erratic of the tentacle monsters He likes to tortureumiliate and push Benji s limitsBenji is a natural slavepet He s eager to please Crystal Decoder hates failing and strives to obey both Black and Silver Benji is perceptive and uick witted These ualities add depth to the relationships formed between these fourI tell you what this tentacle thingas its merits Those tentacles come in andy for bondage gags all sorts of things Cupcake approves They can be everywhere at once Literally And you know

How Cupcake Digs Bondage Black 
Cupcake digs bondage Black t let im disobey Benji was safeFinally Benji could relax and Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes he groaned in relief to feel the strong pull of the limbs restrainingimBlack was never unpredictable Everything Second Son (Jack Reacher, he did seemed designed to teach Benji to trustim absolutely I like the way Black rolls His system of rewardpunishment I enjoyed uite a bit but Benji seems to respond with eual fervor to either United States of Americana him or Silver All of this was done without words which I found impressive and not nearly as creeptastic as Comfort FoodAs much as I enjoyed the kinky bits and I did Very much Pet to the Tentacle Monsters kept my interest with all the unanswered uestions as toow some of the things The Thermals of August happening were even possible That science ll get yaA kexy fun tentacley read that should appeal to many Jump on the tentacle train It ll suck you right insnort I would like to thank Netgalley for providing me with a review copy of this in exchange for myonest opinion 375Does it make me a bad person that a story set in a dystopian future Earth where Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller humans are living in what amounts to refugee camps featuring an 18 yo virgin being subjected to non con BDSM with two partners who eachold very different style of punishment that I found this story sweet and it even made me smile I would ve rated The Perfect Child higher if I got to know about Black Silver s world what their ultimate intentions are and why do they likeuman pets I get Lost Horizon how they wereelpful to Benji but what s the Own on the entire commune the Galactic Enforcers show up and announce Benji is now eligible for adoption by the invadersHe wakes in a plain white cell to find three very different monsters determined to make True Prosperity him their petWarning Adult Readers Only Contains plenty ofot non consensual. ,
Pet to the Tentacle Monsters