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Idiosyncrasies f concentrated markets like those within Canada Despite proven success value investing struggles for respect PARTICULARLY DURING BUBBLES AND DECLINES WHEN INVESTORS TAKE CUES during bubbles and declines when investors take cues headlines instead f reason and experience Shannon discusses the psychological impulses underlying mispriced stocks that become unmoored from their intrinsic value Citing examples she endorses understanding investment psychology and using relative value to buy illogically discounted shares Suited for investors at all levels The Value Proposition reveals Sionna's. If you're looking for advice n how to make a fast buck and get an adrenalin high from investing this book is not for you if this book is not for you If looking to build wealth Imagining Gay Paradise over time Kim Shannon covers a common sense approach that Sionna Investment Managers uses to manage moneyn behalf König der Welten 1 of its clients Shannon and her investment team follow a path well established by the most successful value investors Benjamin Graham David L Dodd Sir John Templeton Peter Lynch and the world's greatest investor Warren Buffett However Sionna has a uniue taken value Love, and Other Things to Live For one that addresses the. Uantitative and ualitative processes and a Sherlock Holmesrientation to reading financial statements and assessing a company's management after 30 successful years in the hard knocks 30 successful years in the hard knocks world Shannon views herself fortunate to have found her calling managing money for institutions and individuals She describes the unlikely journey that led to an industry that has nly describes the unlikely journey that led to an industry that has nly attracted women Her account Vanity Bagh of influential mentors the meritsf staying independent and her creation Of A Strong Sionna a strong Sionna make for an engaging and informative read.

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The Value Proposition