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The Portrait

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S THE PORTRAIT was deep dark and delicious It sucked me in on a journey into madness Jonas Whitaker was An Anti Hero Throughout The anti hero Throughout the half of the book there were not many nice things you could say about him He was mean rude crass amoral and vindictive He was also brilliant insightful and imaginative beyond reason He was an artist he painted with emotionBut this was 1855 New York a city known or its crime dirty streets and despair It was also long before there was the term manic depressive or what we now know as bi polar People with this condition often were institutionalized or committed suicide At the very minimum they became alcoholics or drug addicts The condition hadn t been identified yet And so Jonas s sanity with its highs and lows played out daily and affected everyone and everythingBy the end of the irst chapter Jonas was expected to teach a new student to paint Imogene Carter was the goddaughter of Jonas s sponsor At their introduction she appeared to be meek Jonas was going to give her a reason to uit the class He was going to enjoy making her suirm until she could no longer abide his taunts Except nothing went as plannedWhat he didn t know was that Imogene had already been demoralized by her own amily Twenty six years old and plain looking she thought before she spoke At all times she was careful of what she said Because of this she sent people mixed messages people were unsure of her But during one of Jonas s elated moments he elt he understood her Genie saw Jonas as a savior If she could complete his classes if she could learn his secrets if she could be accepted by his circle of acuaintances then and only then did she believe she would inally attain happinessThat said this story is not Honeys Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs for everyone Jonas could be very crude especially with his actions toward Genie At times his behavior had erotic overtones but I never thought of it as an erotic read Instead It was very sensual Jonas was like glass smooth but could easily break And break he didI could tell there was something very wrong with him but like Genie I accepted his character I was captivated until the last page I had to know where his thoughts would take them Iinished this book several days ago but I still think I could continue with their story if the author wrote a seuel Beware THE PORTRAIT will take you out of your comfort zone Wow What a ride this book was New York 1885 Jonas is a brilliant artist zone Wow What a ride this book was New York 1885 Jonas is a brilliant artist suffers The Secret Expedition from manicbi polar episodes He is scarred mentally and physically he is missing a hand Imogene comes to Jonas studio as a student but she does not know that Jonas wasorced to take her On By Her Godfather Who by her godfather who his patron He deeply resents her being there and does all he can to get her to uit We can see that he is heading towards an episode I elt like a deer caught in the headlights watching it play out It becomes apparent that they are two very very lonely people who have both suffered much at the hands of people who were supposed to love them As he goes through the beginnings of his episode he is hit with a sort of epiphany about Imogene and starts to become obsessed with her all the while A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION fighting it so not to hurt her She is also becoming obsessed with him and you believe heralling in love with him as no one has ever showed her thi. M a master and learn she would everything he could teach her She wanted his artist's secrets and his brilliant passion She wanted to be swept up in his seductive The Obvious forbidden world Until she saw the terrible price he paidor his talent And realized it was impossible to catch a shooting star without being burne. ,

The Hate U Give A Fairly Honourable Defeat
An alternate reality his mind a caged "Genius Seeing Things From A Perspective That "seeing things rom a perspective that h yearns to get a peek into He goes rom bright incandescence to roiling rage Red Shines The Sun from seeking inspiration toinding one in the h putting her on a pedestal that no one else can see not even herself Now to the h For all his bipolar issues it was the h who had the complex and hard to understand psyche A peculiar passive aggressive personality Generation full of inadeuacies and a silent seething resentment making it difficult to like her or relate to For all her diffidence she secretly envies and thus dislikes almost everyoneor being beautiful charming or gifted She wants to be with such "PEOPLE AND ABSORB THEIR UALITIES OR "and absorb their ualities or emulate them be it her dead sister her sister s A World Without Clothes fianc the H other people she meets socially Someone needed to tell her that there s nothing wrong with mediocrity as the majority of the world is just that way She apparently spends her whole life trying to see herselfrom other people s eyes to decipher herself Sadly towards the middle the novelty wore off the narrative and the incidences became contrived even Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart farcical The author dangles some past secrets and incidences to hold interest otherwise there wasn t much in the way of development or romance The H sriend the charming Rico not only provides a Pirate Gold foil to the H but also knows how to handle him in his violent rages But truly he was the impresario without whom the hH story might never have held together as he tagged along and tugged along the h who constantly tries butails to comprehend the mind of the genius Imo he was important to the story than anyone elseThe book The Heart of Cool flared sporadically brilliant like the H the shooting star I hate to say it but I had to push myself through the middling chapters but I am happy I did so as the later 3rd rallied and wrapped up thislawed romance in a poignant but befitting communion and coming together What do you want a guarantee There aren t any People say they love you and then they leave They say they ll stay no matter what happens But they don t He paused Minotaur Lust feeling the pain well up so strongly inside him that he spoke the last in a whisper They never do Many incidences of irrational and psychotic behavior dissuades the readerrom believing in his ability A Game of Unchance for normalunctioning or in a traditional hea The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death - Kindle edition by Dick Teresi. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ for that matter For instance when he drags her in a disheveled state to a respectable restaurant and when people stare at her heeels elated that they see his artistry not understanding their disapproval or her chagrin It was as embarrassing as it was poignant and distressing She had been a part of that upper class respectability and he d changed her Already he d changed her She was his creation now vibrant and alive a laughing beautiful testament to his talent Although despite his tremulous hold on reality I elt that he loved her as he was ready to sacrifice and let her go or her own good Her eelings he loved her as he was ready to sacrifice and let her go or her own good Her The Bellringers Bedside Companion feelingsrom him making her 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 feel needed important and aliveor once in her life So they were both Make Ink: A Foragers Guide to Natural Inkmaking flawed imperfect characters Ielt happy that he had her and was not alone or ended up in bedlam You made me beautiful she whispered Now let me do something Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao for you Let me keep you safe 45 starsRarely do I think of a book as a seductive read This story wa. Littering emptiness until Imogene Carter pushed her way into his life He discounted her on sight seeing her as a colorlessragile woman with no spirit and less talent He could send her running with a word and he intended to do just that But Imogene was not so easily Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, frightened She came to Jonas to learnro. ,
They say they love you and then they leave O lord have mercy on my romantic soul what a stroke of genius W "sensitivity pinpoint accuracy MC captures the unflinching snapshot of Bipolar aka Manic depressive disorder U "pinpoint accuracy MC captures the unflinching snapshot of Bipolar aka Manic depressive disorder U tell she has done her homework She illustrates so elouently the harrowing experience the symptoms manifestations of this illness thru the visions of Mad Jonas those around him Compulsive shopping check Uncontrollable rages check Volatile mood swings check Restless desperation check Severe depression check It s a ascinating character study it s depression check It s a ascinating character study it s haunting poignant heartbreaking capped off w an achingly Anyone tired of reading cliche romances should check this book out I ve never read one like this before and I probably never will DARK doesn t begin to describe this one Jonas Whitaker is a brilliant artist who also struggles with bipolar manicdepressive disorder He has been left by people who could not contend with his mental illness his whole life He is lonely isolated and on the brink of madness Imogene comes to him as a student wanting to learn The Vanishing Hours from a master She has been overlooked her whole life and seeks toind approval Horse Sense from her uncaringather through learning to paint Jonas is at irst unimpressed by Imogene but over time develops an obsession "for her She becomes his muse and through his eyes Imogene begins to see herself as beautiful "her She becomes his muse and through his eyes Imogene begins to see herself as beautiful book brings Imogene and you as the reader through one of Jonas s mood cycles The ictional depiction of a manicdepressive cycle is as real as it can get You are swept away during his manic phaseyou The Making of Goldeneye feel the energy the activity and the creativity Imogene is drawn to Jonas and call him a shooting stara typical description of an individual in a manic phase Jonas s tumble into depression is also captured Youeel the despair the hopelessness the Women of the Otherworld Series Collection (Women of the Otherworld, fatigue It is aictional masterpiece of the cruelty of this mental illness The love story is sweet and touching Imogene vows to stay with Jonasno matter what I ound myself wondering how it would all work but Imogene made me believe that she was the one person that could endure the better or worse the in sickness and healthtill death parts them It is a beautiful love story She was looking at him as if he were God and in that moment he elt as if he were He was God and she was his Eve perfect than Adam had ever been interesting The book about a tortured but brilliant artist who takes pleasure in humiliating his new student the h seemed like just the book to read What I dint know beforehand was that the H actually suffered Vee for Victory from MDP and was not just another tortured soul Handling such mcs with care knowledge and sensitivity is essential and here the author delivers exceptionally well Her portrayal of the H and his moods rages and despair raised this book to a level rarely seen in the romance genreThe book starts out amazingly well and I was spell bound by the completely novel characterizations and premise The H is a completely self centered inward turned genius who connects with people selfishly and then only with those who spark his art and genius the mistress being the only exceptionHe initially resents the h as she sorced on him by his patron her godfather and he uses intimidation and humiliation to scare her awayThe H lives in. This historical romance was irst published in 1995 The reigning master of the New York art world Jonas Whitaker was brilliant and compelling a man of dark passions and uncontrollable emotions Terrified of his own dangerous nature and scarred by the horror of his past he hid behind his talent in a world of ,