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I ve been called an Old Testament Christian Before So It Christian before so it not likely a surprise that I would like this book But Ellen Davis does something special and unexpected here because I don t agree with I would like this book But Ellen Davis does something special and unexpected here because I don t agree with on a number of points Still this book ave me a view of a facet of the diamond that is the Gospel that frankly I d never seenThe book is divided into five sections the Psalms Love Wisdom Disciplines of the Heart and EcotheologyHere are some things that opened Scripture up for me through this book1 How can we reconcile those hard Psalms the ones that pray for the destruction of our enemies Davis reminds us that pray for the destruction of our enemies Davis reminds us that Psalms are undisgussedly human utterances pg 9 While the rest of the Bible is formatted as God s Wordmessage to us the Psalms are our imperfect prayer to God God s Word THROUGH us And as imperfect beings harshness shows through When pressure from the outside mounts then the Psalmist leans in with cries of anguish and rage that would seem to violate all the rules for Christian prayer pg 14 Davis points out that this truth of heart to God is the first step toward praise The answer I loved here is this idea that these Psalms show real time conversion back to the heart and mindset of God The Psalmist almost always comes out a different door than he went inThe point of the shocking psalms is not to sanctify what is shameful for example the desire for sweet revenge or to make us feel better about parts of ourselves that stand in need of change Rather the Psalms teach us that profound change happens always in the presence of God pg 5So the Psalms call for honest speech but honesty is not everything in an intimate relationship We must also speak wisely at least some of the time pg 92 OK I An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters get that but how do we reconcile the seemingly totally wrong disrespectful and accusatory prayers Don t they pray for others destruction Who is that God Davis points out that Psalms 1 72 are dominated by a focus on self They are full of I and me and and accuse God of all sorts of terrible deeds They push and prod They tell God to leave well enough alone and pray down destruction on the heads of their enemies and even children These cries of anguish and rage would seem to violate all the rules of Christian prayer pg 14Davis helped to sharpen my focus on these prayers by pointing out When you lament inood faith opening yourself to God honestly and fully no matter what you have to say then you are beginning to clear the way for praise When you lament you are asking God to create the conditions in which it will become possible for you to offer praise conditions it turns out that are mainly within your own heart pg 15These psalms begin with God and mark the beginning of our journey but also with acknowledgement from the Psalmist that the God who created the heavens actually cares about us Davis points out what a remarkable assumption that actually is but that the lament psalms regularly trace a movement from complaint to confidence in God from desperate petition to anticipatory praise The fact that the Psalms never clearly report a change in external circumstances is one mark of the Bible s persistent realisim One further mark of the realism of the Psalter is the fact that it includes two psalms Psalms 38 and 88 that make no turn toward praise pg 21 This real time turning of men in the midst of terrible circumstances shows us how we can begin and move through tragedyLastly Davis reminded me when considering the hurt experienced by the Psalter to ask Is there anyone in the community of God s people who might want to say this to God about me or maybe about us pg 28 Putting ourselves on the pointed end of the Psalter s prayer The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook gives a new perspective to this challenging textThis isetting a little long so I ll wrap up I love this book I don t align with everything Davis says especially the way Davis seems to limit the power of God in Chapter 6 and the power within Ecclesiastes in Chapter 9 and felt that such a Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 great book was lessened by what seemed like a thrown together fifth section devoid of the critical eye and research that I appreciated throughout the rest of the book Despite those weaknesses this book helped me with the above and Chapter 7 on the Song of Solomon should be reuired reading for all Christians It opened in me a view of the love of Christ that has me as the pursuedI learned from this book that I could possibly share here and I pray that others will search for the wisdom contained hereHere s SOME THINGS I UNDERLINEDIf God has a best friend and why not then surely it is Moses pg 46God accommodate. “This is a book aboutetting and staying involved with God―what it takes what it costs what it looks and feels like why anyone would want to do it anyway It is at the same time a book about reading the Old Testament as a source of Good News and uidance for our life with God The key piece of Good ,

 Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old TestamentOrd there is something beyond all value Let us see that men ladly ave their lives so that we could value Let us see that men ladly Becoming Daddys Cow: A Twisted Taboo Dubcon Lactation Body Transformation DD/lg Erotica gave their lives so that we could experience this moment and decide Nudge us toward the Light Lord and bless the nudgers like Davis who carry the water for tens of years so that one or two or ten thousand may drink We sow and water Lord You provide the increase I love You Amen Scripture was taken too far out of context especially in the last two chapters Davis makes a lot of reallyood points however she makes wild leaps in interpretation of scripture to try to enforce Her Liberal Political Opinions liberal political opinions used this book in our fall Adult Formation class Episcopal church and it was pretty unanimous that we all liked it The author explores some of the difficult dark passages that we rarely see in our weekly lessons to find ultimately that the God of the old testament is also a Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, god of love compassion relationship This author also brought us ideas that many of us hadn t thought of before surprised many of us with where she went as the book progressed The book is divided into 5 parts several chapters each we discussed the book over 5 weeks Bravo A fine book which when also used in discussion lead us to a deepening of our faith In her book Getting Involved With God Ellen F Davis sends a message of divine hope held in the Old Testament She dares us to put away our preconceived notion about the OT being a book of wars and savagery instead showing us over and over the abundance of God s love for all his creation We need to pay attention I found this book helpful in reflecting on our approach to scripture and encouraging me to think beyond surface level However it didn t start doing that for me until about 90 pages Then the last few chapters of the book take a different turreat and clean book Thanks Book ok but didn t arrive till yesterday 8th when said would be 2 6 th Dr Davis has done a reat job in discovering the word of God She beautifully illustrates the meanings the concept beyond some charactersstatements relationships and deep thoughts of main characters of each chapter of the book of Exodus and Each chapter of this book recounts a uniue journey along the deep understanding of each story or event In one you see the beauty of God s love toward human and yet His holiness In another one it helps you to see a rational relation between the Bible the law with humankin It s a text book for a class I m taking at the church I o to It s a wonderful book easy to read but full of new insights on the meanings of the old testament storiesThe author is a scholar who translates from the original Hebrew and explains why she uses the words she chooses I ordered a used paperback for a very low price What came was clearly brand new for the same agreed on price I m very pleased with the book Terrific book It was part a Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, group of assigned texts for araduate OT class However don t let that discourage you if you re a lay person from reading it It is very approachable I m thinking about using this as a book study for an adult Sunday school classDavis writing style is such that she invites you in by offering a spiritual as well as a scholarly look at the OT Now if I could only find time to read the rest of her books I bought this book for a bible study class in 2009 and found it to be interesting and easy to follow a little too easy as a matter of fact I would have liked it if Prof Davis had On Moral Courage gotten a little in depth on some of the topics I realize she was probably writing this book for a wide audience but I wish she had had of a mind towards an intellectual crowd as I often found the essays ending just as she wasetting to the most interesting points Maybe I ll have to track down some of her other work for that Well written book it is in everyday language yet does not skimp on depth Easy to understand with Nanny by Chance good explanations and you can see in each chapter and section where the author will lead you Areat and thought provoking book This is the most refreshing and fascinating book on the Old Testament I have read It is not difficult to read but is full of wisdom insight and scholarly knowledge It made me want to revisit the Old Testament itself just as the title suggests It does not shy away from some of the difficult uestions that scripture poses and helped me to think through their relevance for todayI found the chapter on psalms especially illuminating It enabled me to begin to understand why the psalms still form a vital role in many different forms of contemporary Christian worship Choral evensong will never be the same again. Ipture Beginning with the psalms whose frank prayers can be a model for our own Davis reflects on the stories of the patriarchs and the pastoral wisdom of the book of Job Proverbs Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs in helping us cultivate those habits of the heart that lead to a rich relationship with

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S Moses complaints and makes in course corrections God does not a human being so fully into the divine confidence you might say God does depend on a human being so fully until Mary might say God does not depend on a human being so fully until Mary by the Holy Spirit pg 16The Song of Solomon captures the ecstatic aspect of love that is the main subject of the whole Bible pg 67That the Old Testament represents God chiefly as angry Judge and vicious Warrior is a false stereotype While these images are not absent they are than balanced by striking portrayals of God as Lover or Husband infatuated with Israel beyond all reason or deserving God is not too proud to Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency in New Zealand grieve terribly over Israel s unfaithfulness nor to beiddy over her return home This covenant s primary uality is love at the highest pitch of intensity pg 77The very idea of wisdom as the Bible understands it challenges the mind set of our society and the view of knowledge that all of us have to some extent internalized pg 94consider how the Proverbs define success the establishment of righteousness justice and euity pg 95But true wisdom is such that no evil use can ever be made of it That is worth our pondering because we than any previous eneration are witnessing the evil effects of perverted knowledge knowledge not essentially connected to oodness No other John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles generation has been so successful at using its technological knowledge in order to manipulate the world and satisfy its own appetites pg 96The sufferer who keeps looking for God has in the end privileged knowledge She passes through a door that only pain will open and is thus ualified to speak of God in a way that others whom weenerally call fortunate cannot speak pg 122The fourth century Greek theologian St John Chrysostom said that Job s reatest trial was that his wife was not taken pg 125our role as comforters is not to solve the problem of pain even less is it to stick up for God Trying to vindicate God to a person in agonizing pain is like explaining to a crying infant that Mommy is really a well intentioned person While Job s friends remain mired in their convictions Job is moving pg 130Job rails against God not as a skeptic not as a stranger to God s justice but precisely as a believer It is the very depth of Job s commitment to God s ethical vision that makes his rage so fierce and that will finally compel an answer from God pg 133The Garden of Eden was the place where the first human creatures might have acuired wisdom Eden was the place for total intimacy with God and that is the sole condition fur becoming wise Day by day they might have rown in wisdom and stature taking those strolls with God in the breezy time of day Genesis 38 But they could not wait to Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 get smart so they chose the uick and dirty method pg 149For us the true measure of our wisdom will never be therade point average we covet a degree or rank the right job the book accepted by a prestigious press No we will be wise when we desire with heart soul mind and strength only the things that God also desires for us and nothing else compels us or ever catches our wandering eye pg 151Worship is a vigorous act of reordering our desires in the light of God s burning desire for the wellness of all creation pg 152And there we recognize that our frailty is not meant to cause us anxiety and sorrow Rather God means it to be a source of confidence and even as it was for Etty the Dutch Jew previously mentioned that died in Auschwitz a source of joy For it is exactly that frailty the strict limits to our powers their inevitable failure the certainty of death that creates the need and the desire to see God s power at work pg 167Contrition means finding the courage to let your heart break over sin Willfully letting your heart break and then offering the pieces to God is a radically counter cultural idea in our society pg 168There are so many other things I underlined here but for now I LL END WITH A PRAYERLord of ALL CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE MOTIVATOR Creator of the universe Motivator all that is Good Thank you Thank you for the beauty that is Wisdom visited on this person Ellen Davis and the expression of her love that is this wonderful book I don t uestion Your reat motives and You don t owe me anything but there is excellence here in tiny corners of smallish books and forgotten lectures that could change everything Release this wisdom Release this love and let us let every man that has thought he checked the box on the Gospel and let every woman who purchased a neat little bowl to put on a very special shelf to hold the Gospel let each and every one of us know that within You within your Ews that the Old Testament communicates over and over again is that God is involved with us deeply and irrevocably so”―from the IntroductionWith sound scholarship and her own vivid translations from the Hebrew Old Testament professor Ellen Davis teaches us a spiritually engaged method of reading scr. ,

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